Systematic Service


Price determines the survival, growth and profits of our partners

· Scale effect    · Professional Safe    · Auto Equipment   

 · Competitiveness

Products Variety

Adequate technical reserves, meet product customization.

Different color and design according to different customers.
 · Inovative design    · Break tradition    · Grasp the popular trends

Leading Technology

Global Resources Utilized
We keep the technical exchanges & long-term cooperation with the world famous safe company.
Leading Technology
Technological innovation, new product development both the important components of our core competitiveness.
AIPU always takes on the revision work of industry standards.
At present,many patents have reach the leading level of the world.

After Service Action

We pay top attention in quality.

Experienced & Specialized Engineers  team follows and solve quickly.
In the same loading ,the same failure that caused by the same components or one wrong design , we will...
· Repair
· Exchange 
· Return

Grow together with Clients

1):AIPU provide customers with qualified products
2):Maximize scale under proper profit
3):Plan togather with our partner(plan for the products and market strategy)
4):Take growing together with our clients as  the noblest belief
We care your business because it is our future!

Quick Response

One-stop service   
Ample with the development of fully independent design, proofing production,tooling and parts of the self-supporting workshop. 

We have rich experience in new product design, proofing cycle short,  better satisfied  product high grade request. 

Our sales handle orders processing from development to bulk production together With factories. 

Ample Supporting Guarantee the Business

Market is going reshuffle, We would like to support you to take the market chance...