Safe knowledge

Safe knowledge

2019-04-28 09:41

The safe has to act as both an anti-theft container and a furniture. Therefore, the development trend of the safe is quite obvious: it conforms to the trend of technology development and takes into account the humanized design. You can see the clues from the popular styles of the current safe.

Ordinary safes are in the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, which is inconsistent with the increasingly luxurious living room decoration. Home users have more appeals to the appearance of the safe than the company's users, such as styling, color, appearance, etc. are their picky places. The safe designed as a bedside wooden cabinet style, which has both humanized and hidden features, is a major requirement of furniture, and a safely shaped safe will be more popular. Personalized safes should be able to change colors according to user needs, providing a variety of shapes for users to choose, such as ultra-small concealed safes are very popular with home users. There is a safe casting method cast by the process casting method. The exterior of the process casting safe has a variety of different designs and beautiful shapes, and at the same time has a relatively uniform wall thickness and corresponding internal space, so as to meet the consumption demand of the safe for the modern family. . There is also a replaceable panel, which is also a performance that adapts to humanity.

The electronic password lock panel mechanical password input is inconvenient, the password is provided by the factory at the factory, and the individual cannot change the password by himself. These shortcomings directly cause the mechanical password safe to gradually fade out of the safe stage. The electronic password safe can change the password at will, some can even set two sets of passwords, or both sets of passwords can open the safe, or you must enter the two sets of passwords before you can open the safe, which is very convenient. The electronic password scheme has become the mainstream of the market.

Fingerprint identification lock The traditional mechanical safe can be opened in a certain period of time. The key is easy to lose. The password type can also be easily deciphered or lost. Only the fingerprint safe can completely solve these problems. Only the user's own fingerprint can be used. Open, truly safe and reliable. An alternate fingerprint can be set without remembering the password.

The alternate password should be given to a trusted person. Some safes can be set up with 2~3 sets of passwords. Each set of passwords can open the safe, which can prevent the trouble caused by the loss of the password, and can also cater to the safe in a special case for several people at the same time. The needs of use. If you share it with others, make sure you are a credible person.

One of the core components of the electronic password safe, the circuit chip provides more than 10 billion password combinations. The number of passwords generally tends to be high, and can provide up to 10 billion combinations, which is almost impossible for thieves to decipher. It is also reasonable to have a higher number of password settings in the future.

Automatic alarm device, can be switched on and off. The general safe has an automatic alarm function, but it is only activated when moving or impacting. Some safes can activate automatic alarms when they are wrong for three times. In the future, the automatic alarm activation conditions should be more abundant, such as fire alarms in the fire safe, corrosive substances in the information cabinet, excessive humidity, and active alarm when the magnetic field is too strong. Some safes on the market can also apply high-voltage electric shock to the destroyer while the alarm is issued, and the preventive measures have been strengthened. There is also a remote control safe that can remotely control the switch and alarm device of the safe.