Smart home can completely replace artificial labor

Smart home can completely replace artificial labor

2019-04-28 09:45

Smart home is a hot topic nowadays. People are more and more aware of the quality of the days brought by smart homes. More and more friends are inclined to buy "smart" products when purchasing household items.

So today, let’s talk about the topic of “smart home”. According to the survey, a real smart home product generally has these characteristics:

1. Useful - can really deal with the troubles of the day

2. Easy to use - simple operation, low learning costs

3. Integration and multi-function - a multi-purpose.

It seems that the real smart home products that people feel are easy to use, in fact, the product itself is satisfied with the point or point of the above three points, using its ability to advance the user's day level and quality. The advancement of quality in this day can roughly represent several aspects of the human face.

1. Reduce the time spent on trivial things in the day

The most immediate advantage that smart homes can bring is to greatly reduce the time spent on everyday small things.

For example, sweeping the floor and other daily housework, the sweeping robot has been able to easily get it.

There is also an electric window cloth that can be controlled by the app.

There are also a lot of smart home products that have joined the voice control skills, and you don't have to move your hands to be satisfied with your requirements. There are also some smart boxes that integrate all the electrical controls into one, so that you don't have to go off the warm blanket to turn off the lights in the winter, or even order in the voice Taobao.

There is also a smart fingerprint lock that can save Ma Daha's artifacts.

2. Sleeping

In addition to being able to do everyday things, the smart home has brought a lot of progress to the user experience of some days.

For example, the sharp alarm that wakes up people is something that many friends are bothered with, but now there is a natural light alarm clock. After the time has come, it will announce the natural light that is not eye-catching, and slowly wake people away from deep sleep. To alleviate the natural impact of waking on people.

3. Breathing

Under the premise that the overall environment of domestic air is not optimistic, the current penetration rate of air purifiers is relatively high.

Of course, because the intelligence of the home is very demanding on the skills, many products on the market that are known as smart are not perfect.

At present, the more mature approach is to combine the functions of the two products to provide users with more convenient experience.

For example, the bed with the sound system, the mobile phone puts the bed to sleep and affects the health knowledge. We all know, but many of our friends love to listen to the song and fall asleep. This bed with its own sound system can handle the troubles of such friends.

The advancement of the international community is promoted by lazy people. The essence of smart home is to make you more lazy and more comfortable together. However, under the skill conditions of the time, the purchase of smart home is still necessary to start from its own needs, and then it is really suitable for purchasing products.